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Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities in Cusco and Peru wide: the geography of Peru is amazing and the landscape is unique at every corner, where many activities has being developed, providing unique and interesting programs where you will renew your energies; in this category, we have a selections of the best outdoor activities in Cusco Region, with itineraries that takes place at natural and archaeological sites, the difference from the trekking tours, is that these requires extra motivation, great physical preparation and be able to get in to a certain grade of risk.

All these tour activities are handled taking care of safety concerns, and all we want is to take you to the path of joy doing physical activities, and provide the best of experiences, that can generate your: Serotonin, endorphin, dopamine and oxytocin are the so-called ‘happy hormones’. Each one works in a different way, that will definitely make you happiest, with activities according you age.

We have created this category, where you will have opportunity to get involved in activities from medium to the most challenging tours, these are done at the best places, and we have elected carefully the safe ones as well, then read our Cusco adventure activities.

Yes! Adventure is risk, just like the entire life, but if you have the chance to do it, at the end of the trip, and killing your fears, there will be an smile in your face, we do not offer white water river rafting and bungee jump, but there are places for this activities, and upon request we also can send you a proposal; find below the Cusco adventure tour activities we have for you.

Amongst this activities we have:

ATV tour activities: we do it at an hour drive from Cusco city, at a great location where you can see magnificent landscapes, picturesque villages, by roads that are used by locals.

Horseback riding tours: we use the magnificent Peruvian Paso horses, on which riding feel so smooth, and safe.

Zip lining Tours: The Andes has the perfect spots for, and we have the perfect sites for, come and enjoy the real adventure activities.

Mountain Climbing: at the Andes, you have these incredible opportunities, good for people with some previous experiences, or for people with cero experience at easier climbing sites. We do it at Huaraz “central Peruvian Andes”, and at Ausangate “The highest mountain in Cusco region and south of Peru”.

Mountain Biking: spend a good time riding by old roads, at old Andes trail that are used by locals out of beaten truck.

There are more activities that you can see them here.

Horseback Riding Tour Cusco

from: S/120

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HORSEBACK RIDING TOUR CUSCO Cusco horseback riding: imagine to ride special horses that are
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