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about terrific peru tours

high quality tours at the height of the Andes.

About Terrific Peru Tours: in 2009, the founder of the company, while guiding sightseeing’s as guide for other companies, where he saw “the services should even be better and customized”; bought a web domain with a desire of building a tourism brand, that should become to be one of best Peruvian tour companies, and finally In 2013th has built the website, got all the permit to begin operations as Inka Challenge Peru.

The Name of Terrific Peru Tours, comes from desire of building a brand, the former name is useless for the purpose (the name cannot get registered, and a sport company copied our name, so it causes confusion).

From this inconvenience mentioned; our new name come out, an original and easy to remember, emerged “TERRIFIC PERU TOURS”, which describes our product, and which in turn, it describes what we are as a company: A name that we have registered, in the Peruvian trademark and intellectual property registry. We are proud that you are part of our dream, where you will receive the best of services.

Our mind is to provide the best of the services in the market, were we can success and go beyond your expectations, providing you a terrific memory of you visit to the wonderful country named Peru; for which we can a selection of top local tour guided for each tour in all Peru.


OFFICE STAFF: 100 % professional in their specialty, people whose 1st language is Quechua, are doing the best of the works, to guarantee that the service the clients get are high quality, from trip planning and organizing the tours, every member know and has as self-challenge to success, that the clients will return home with happy memories.

TOUR GUIDES: In our company, where are serious when selecting our team, each tour guide are professional, with degree in tour guiding, with many years of experience, locals who are identified with the culture, passionate in history, biology, architecture, sociology, guides whose priority are the clients. Amongst our Guides we have:


Bryan W. Quispe, (Native Peruvian, professional tour guide), with more than 20 years of Experience working in the tourism field, Whose 1st language is the Inca Language “RUNA SIMI” commonly known as Quechua, speaks as well fluent Spanish, fluent English, and Italian.

Has learned in life, what works better and what doesn’t, with studies in tourism, leadership and hospitality degree, manages the company and leads trips through Peru and especially the Cusco region, he is focused in providing as guide and company the best of the services.

He knows that being empathetic, and provide service as for one-self is the key to the happy memories for clients, He understands that a visitor comes to see the best of each place, to interact with local people, to enjoy at all times the best that a country offers. For this reason, and understanding that each visitor is unique and each one deserves a personalized treatment, I have seen it better to give and specialize in private services.


Bryan Wilbert Q.

Bryan Wilbert Q. “Lead guide” born in a small agricultural town, at 35 km from cusco city, is a licensed guide, who has studied at the tour guiding and leadership school ISTAL-Cusco, has more that 20 years in the tourism industry, who is passionate about sharing the culture and providing the best experience at the guided sites, customizing trips and enjoying every trip he guides. He speaks quechua, Spanish , fluent English, and Italian.

Mario Human; Professional licensed guide who has studied at Cusco national university and has more than 25 years in his background as tour guide, on 2018 he has being honored to receive the “tour guide of the year price”, he speaks quechua, Spanish and fluent English, he is in charge of day trips.

Raul Quispe: An enthusiastic native Peruvian, with more than 10 years in the tourism industry, with degree as tour guide and leadership, is in charge of our Cusco day trips as well. Hes 1st language is Quechua, fluent in Spanish and English, loves guiding clients through the sacred valley, machu picchu, the rainbow mountain and other places, where he is happy sharing history, and loves talking about the local culture, and avid providing customized service.

Berly Chavez: Born in a little village at the neighbor region named Apurimac, moved to Cusco with his parents in search of better opportunities, has studied and succeeded to become a professional tour guide, he has more than 12 years of experience leading and guiding excursions through the Cusco region. Whose 1st language is Quechua, he is fluent in Spanish, and English language. He is in charge of leading our trekking tours such as: Salkantay trek, Inca trail, Lares trekking, vilcabamba, Choquequirao, ausangate, and other treks in our Region. Passionate about culture, happy and always smiling.

Rene Chaca: He is our expert guide for Arequipa and Colca canyon tours, has being leading tour more than 10 years, and loves doing tour in the city and outskirts, and says the view from the summit of Misti volcano is magnificent and it is. His 1st language is quechua, but also learned Spanish in his childhood, and he’s fluent in English, local the Peruvian culture ad share it with the visitors.

Edita Oncoy: She is in charge guiding our Andes trekking and hiking in Huaraz region, she has more than 10 years of experience, she got degree as professional tour guide, passionate about the culture, Inca and Wari civilizations, she will take you to see beautiful lakes, huayhuash trek, olleros to Chavin, and other short and large trips we offer in the central Andes; Her 1st language is quechua, speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Rodolfo Reyes: He is our expert guide in high Andes mountain tours, climbing specialty, in Huaraz Region “central Andes of Peru”, where we have mountain climbing program, he likes sharing the passion on succeeding the summits of the mountains, he has climbed more than 50 high tops, some mountains in Ecuador and Chile. His 1st language is Quechua, fluent in Spanish and English as well.

Agustin Mamani: Machu Picchu Expert guide, he was born in a highland province of Cusco region, after many years leading in the inca trail, he decided to become Machi Picchu site guide, in our day trip to the great wonder, you will explore the city escort by an expert.

He’s first language is Quechua, and learned spanish at school, he is fluent in english, love to guide pur private tours.


We have a selections of the best and expert cooks for our treks where you will have amazing local dishes:

Andres Puma

Form a small village, who mainly speaks Quechua, has more than 15 years of experience as cook, he is always smiling and will surprise you making cake at the mountains in the middle of nowhere.

Gavino Puma

Brother of Andres, he is amazing organizing meals for everyday, make incredible local dishes, form a little village named Waca Wasi, has moved to the sacred valley and loves doing trekking tours, fast at the trail, and always happy, he know most of the villagers, through our trails, lomo saltado, papa a la huancaina, aji de gallina, rocoto relleno and others are his favorite dishes.

Edgar Condori

Driver and drivers manager, he is form a little village which is above 4000 meters above sea level, always happy and drive with professionalism even in the most remote places, he can drive fast as crazy, but know the safety is first and drive slow and smooth, his 1st language is qhechua, speaks Spanish and trying English with phrasal books.

We have many more members, guides, cooks, office staff, Drivers, who will be happy doing their best when providing you the service.

Cada uno de nuestro viaje tiene un sello característico, como nuestros viajeros, desde los valles hasta las alturas, usted estará como en casa, disfrutando de la aventura de su vida

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