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Toru Packages Peru, in a country of biodiversity, cultural diversity, where there are 3 official languages, and 52 dialects, there are a lot to discover, we native Peruvians who know every corner of the land, can ring you to a place of dream, and get in love from Peru.

Lima is a big city, has nice parts, but if you are visiting a new country, yes you should visit the capital, but what is amazing is not at Lima, find at the east we have a huge jungle, at the center we have the extended Andes, and at the west, we have the coast.

For better understanding we also divide the country on the following: on: The north there so many archaeological sites, tall mountains, beaches and weather, where you can find ever spring, ever summer, and the tallest Peruvian mountain in the northern central Andes.

At the Center of Peru we have as well nice celebrations, a lot of festivals, is just one of the reasons that you should consider, to split your visit to Peru and also consider visiting the north.

Here you will find some of:

North Coast: The north of Peru, hosts in its land, wonderful places, where you can have perfect time, while you visiting archaeological sites including huacas, the mudbrick city named chan chan, and spend relax time on the beaches such as Mancora, and Huanchaco. All this tours are set in private service.

South Coast: At every corner we have opportunity to spend and discover fascinating landscape and see wild life, the south coast of Peru is amazing and becoming more popular every time, here you can see the Nazca lines, the natural reserve of paracas, have incredible sunset time at Huacachina oasis, and eat a lot of fresh ceviche, try the national drink “pisco sour”, and enjoy it by the beauty of the cites and our company.

Complete South Peru: If you are coming to Peru, and want to see all the most interesting, and the top of the recommended places. At the south of Peru you are going to find a bit of everything, beaches, parks, picturesque villages, people who are still dressing up their typical clothes, valleys, volcanoes, and very rich in culture and architecture.

This package covers Ica, Nazca, Huacachina, Arequipa, Titicaca Lake, the sacred valley, Machu Picchu and Cusco city.

Basic Cusco: When you are tight on time, and want to visit Machu Picchu and the amazing sites that are close by 4 days and 3 nights itinerary will fit your request, we have the perfect itinerary that includes the top sites.

From all the sites, we have made a hard choice, with the only challenge to provide you the best of the services that guarantees your enjoyment.

Medium Cusco: When you know that Cusco region is wonderful, and the mayor tourist attractions are in Cusco, then want to visit all, but this is not possible in such a short time.

We did select the places which are easy to get there, the monumentality, and location that allow comfort. Find here our selection of best sites and allow us to organize you a wonder trip, escorted by expert local guides and the best team to succeed a dream journey that you deserve.

Complete Cusco: In this full package of Cusco, we will take you to all the mayor tourist attractions, and bring you to stay in touch with villagers, have the opportunity to take it easy and visit the incredible sites that you will see in Cusco.

The complete Cusco tour package, includes the following: Walking Cusco city tour, sacsayhuaman, pisaq, tipon, tambomachay, the rainbow mountain, sacred valley, maras moray, the salt mines, Machu Picchu, and a selection of unique places that will reward your choice of taking this trip

Find Below all the tour packages, which we have for you.

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