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Trekking Tours

Trekking Tours – Peru Wide Treks

Trekking Tours: we have worked on the best way possible, thing of our clients, from the wide amount of trekking tours in Peru, here you will find the best selection, from the easy accessible, easy hikes and the most challenging treks along our territory.

Ancascocha Trek: a new concept of trekking through nature, scenic views, colorful mountains.

Santa Cruz Trekking: located in Huaraz, one of the most beautiful territories where we have many trekking opportunities, from short hikes and large trekking tours, the Santa Cruz trek in a medium challenge hike with scenic view, and path that leads by the central Andes of Peru.

Cordillera Huayhuash: Huayhuash is a region in the Andes that has impressive glacier mountains, where the trail leads and passes over 5000 meters above sea level, place where you can see colorful lakes, high valleys, and enjoy the magnificent view of the snow peaks.

Colca Canyon: when we talk about Peru, Colca canyon is also a place of mandatory visit, the deepness, the view of volcanoes, highland plateau, the villages and the hiking itself in the canyon is a magnificent experience for those who had the possibility to do it, come and hike the Colca canyon.

Misti Volcano Climb: Misti, is the name of the beautiful volcano which is at the background of Arequipa City, a mountain with more than 5000 m, of altitude, provide one of the spectacular views on the other volcano summits, valleys and canyons, an incredible experience that takes just 2 days and 1 nights.

Salkantay Sacred Valley Trail

from: $ 00

Itinerary Salkantay Sacred Valley Trail Day 1: Cusco – Salkantay Pampa The salkantay sacred
Ancascocha Trekking Tour

from: $ 00

HUMANTAY LAKE TOUR Humantay Lake Tour: Couple of years ago, only locals knew about the lake,
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