Sacred Valley Tour – full day trip with bets guides

Sacred valley tour: Is a fascinating place which is located in Cusco region, in which the river runs from east to west, and along the river then has being settled several villages and towns, the valley is incredibly located in a place where the weather and climates are perfect to grow many kinds of crops, were the main products are: The giant white corn and quinoa.

To visit this place, there are several options; the long busy day trip, and our program that is created to provide the best private sacred valley tour services, find here as well the info about the places we visit:

This is the 1st place on the way, just a few minutes from Pisac, this mandatory stop, is point from where you make the early picture of the sacred valley, the view of taray village and the river is magnificent.

Located in the main streets and the center square, there are hundreds of mini shops of where you can find: handmade textiles (weavings by expert locals who are living in highland settlements, who make the textiles with beautiful designs and symbols), drawings, ceramics, music instruments, silver workshops, and souvenirs, you mainly have some free time to walk around and buy presents if you want it.

The pisac archaeological site is located at 20 minutes from the town, settled at a mountain from where you can have a magnificent view of the valley and villages nearby, there are many terraces and sectors that are worth to walk up to each site. The “Kantu Pata”, this sector has dwellings, shrines, and spectacular location to see the nice terraces and the pisaq old village.

Approaching to the proper inca village, “Anta Chaka” here you will find nice water fountains, then the holes that are visible from here are the “Tankhana Marka”, are the largest cemetery from inca time at the entire sacred valley.

In the private service, we will be pleased to bring you up to the most important sector “the religious sector”, here you can see remains of the most important temples of pisac, the sun temple, the moon’s, and other, then after a visit that takes almost 2 hours it is time to continue.

At an incredible location, with a view to the high plateau, where the new airport will be built, own luckily the most spectacular churches, that is fully covers with murals, that were painted during the XVII century, there are as well nice terraces with view to mountains, and a good opportunity for pictures.

At the other corner of the valley, ollantaytambo is the living inca town, which keeps the original inca designed streets and water channels, in which is running fresh water for irrigation, streets that are seeing only with our private tours, the religious sector is the sector that is visited everyone, consists in nicely built walks, temples and terraces with scenic view to surrounding places.

You will be as well able to see the condor temple, which is a mountain in the shape of condor (this was a shrine, there still some nice walls).

At the end of our sacred valley private tour, you will be able to extend the trip to aguas calientes town, spend the night there, and at the following morning do the Machu Picchu sightseeing.

sacred valley tour
sacred valley ollantaytambo
pisac inca site
sacred valley tour sacred valley ollantaytambo pisac inca site

Trip Map

salkantay trek


08:00 depart from the hotel.

09:00 hrs, visit chinchero.

12:00 hrs Ollantaytamo, 14:00 hrs, pisac and stop for lunch

14:30 hours, visit the park, 16:30 free time at market, 19:00 hrs return to hotel in the city.


  • Pick up at your hotel in the city.
  • Professional Driver.
  • Private Transport.
  • 1rst AID Kit, included emergency Oxygen bottle.
  • English speaking professional guide.


  • Fee for visited places.
  • Meals


Additional travel information

PLACES TO VISIT Chinchero church and inca site, Ollantaytambo, Pisac market and inca site.
TYPE OF TOUR Sightseeing


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