Cusco city tour and outskirts 1/2 day

Cusco city tour: is an amazing guided private tour, to the town located in the heart of the sought Peruvian Andes, at 11,023 ft. 3360 meters above sea level by the plaza de arms, and 13°31′00″S 71°58′44″O, founded on 12th century by the 1st inca: “Macco Ccapac, and his Wife Mama Occllo”, this town became to be the center of the most strong and sophisticated culture of the entire Americas, then was Re-founded on 1438 by the 9th inca named: Pachacuteq.

The name of the city is: CUSCO, Spelt with “S” in Spanish, and QOSQO in the local language, Qosqo mean (Center and Navel), commonly misspelled as Cuzco, the books and website spell with Z, means as well that they are not local consequently, do this mistake, that the locals does not like.

Between the centuries XIII and XVI, the inca culture expanded the land and covered the current territories of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia, then Spanish arrive d to Cusco on 15th November of 1533, during the Spanish times, there was destroyed many incredible palaces, and started adapting their houses, and churches during the XVII, and XVIII century. Nowadays, the city is spectacular and mixture of Spanish, and Inca architecture.

In our combined, or regular city tour, and outskirts, we are pleased to guide you, to discover some of the most important buildings such as:

PLAZA DE ARMAS: The plaza de armas of cusco, is located in the center of the old part, where the main building and the nice part is, here you can see The cathedral, the Jesuits Church, and several buildings with arches, and nice balconies, from here the guide will take you to the sun temple, through a narrow street, where you can be amazed by the Inca walls, at Inti Kicllu “street of the sun”.

SUN TEMPLE: Also known as (Saint Dominic convent and church, QORICANCHA, the qoricancha or Coricancha), consists in a majestic church, above Inca temple, the inca building are what amazes every visitor, here where built temples such as: The rainbow temple, the thunder, the moon, and stars temple that are still possible to see, and of course the WACA MAYOR “Main Niche”, this was the holiest site, in the entire territory.

SACSAYHUAMAN: after city, the transport leads to the outskirts, where you can see fascinating building, and a spectacular view of Cusco from Sacsayhuaman which was a huge temple during inca time, there are walls build with huge stones perfectly joined together, here is celebrated the sun fest every June 24th.

Qenqo, Tambomachay and Pucapucra: small sites, but completely worth to visit, each of them are incredible and gives also an opportunity to hike a bit, qenqo consist in passages under rock to reach a shrine, pucapucara is at a hill from where you can see the Cusco valley, and mountains around, then tambomachay has water fountains, where you can also enjoy walking nest to a stream, and trees.

After visiting this sites, the classic Cusco city tour, ends by driving you back to your hotel or close by.

The Cusco city tour, has daily departures available in a private service, where our expert local guides will be pleased to show you all the best sites.

cusco city tour
cusco city tour

Tour Map

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In our private tour, we can customize the departure time and start point; but we suggest to depart any time between 07:00 to 13:00 hrs. The tours last minimum of 4 hours.


  • Pick up at your hotel in cussco.
  • Professional Driver.
  • Private Transport.
  • 1rst AID Kit, included emergency Oxygen bottle.
  • English speaking professional local tour guide.


  • Fee for visited places.
  • Meals


Additional travel information

PLACES TO VISIT Qoricancha “sun temple”, downtown, Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Tambomachay, and Puca pucara.
TYPE OF TOUR Sightseeing


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