Classic salkantay trek -5 days to Machu Picchu

Salkantay Trek: The name comes from the most spectacular, and highest mountains in Cusco region, located in the south eastern Andes of Peru, at the north west of Cusco region provides many hiking opportunities to people who are willing to reach Machu Picchu by foot. With

For locals the complete name for this magnificent mountain is: Apu Salkantay means (Apu = Spiritual being; Salka = Wild, savage; TAY = Holiness; APU SALKANTAY = Holly Savage Mountain) 6.272 meters, is one of the most important mountain of Peru.

According the history of climbers, the mountain summit was reached on the 1st time on 1952 by French-American expeditions. At this mountain there are several inca trails, that we hike, through 2 trails of this mountain you can arrive to machu picchu.

The trek offers incredible Mountain View and changing terrains and ecosystems that gives a magical sensation to the hike; along the trail you will see and pass by:

Places at Salkantay Trek:

SORAYPAMPA: At 3.800 m, this used to be the spot for the 1st night, then a truck road has being done up to here, So most of the companies are using it to camp, during the day one, our company will take you to see the HUMANTAY LAKE, then return for lunch, after lunch continue to salkantaypampa. Soraypampa is at a nice location from where you can be able to see Humantay Glacier and Salkantay.

SALKANTAY PASS: This is the highest point of the trail at 4.640 meters, offers a great view of the surrounding mountains, you will be right in front of Salkantay mountain, since this is the highest point, it also means that from here, the trails leads all downhill, up to the camp at Collpapampa, along the way you will pass by incredible point through the cloud forest with lush green forest view.

COLLPAPAMPA: This site is a little settlement right in the cloud forest, at the union of 3 rivers, with a nice temperature at night; from here you trek banking, perfect walk through trees, also it is land where the passion fruit grows, avocados, bananas a coffee, then arrive to the camp at Lucmabamba.

HYDROELECTRICITY VILLAGE: The last day hike, can be easy or challenging, the easy way is to take transport to hydroelectric, then walk for 2.5 hours, 6 miles distance, enjoy a nice walk by the valley, see birds, trees, then spend the night in aguas caliente town, If you take the challenge hike, then hike up to patallacta, see a nice archaeological site, see mountains and valley like in a nice portrait pic.

From here, the trail goes by switchbacks trail down to hydro, and take train and spend the night in town, and visit machu picchu on the next day.

The Salkantay Trek is completely organized by our company and leaded by our expert trekking guides, with many years of experience, in a high quality service.

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Tour Map

salkantay trek


Day 01: Departure from Cusco city: 05:00 hrs, arrival to Soraypampa 8:30, at Humantay lake at 11:00 hrs. lunch at 14:00 hrs, arrive to camp at 17:00 hrs. On the second day breakfast at 06:30, lunch at 13:00 hrs. Arrive to collpapampa at 16:30On the 3th day is as follows: The following day, depart the camp at 07:30 hrs. Then arrive to camp at 13:00 hrs, then relax after lunch.

The 4th day, walk at 07:00 hrs, arrive to hydroelectric at 13:00 hrs, and catch train at 16:00hrs, then arrive to town at 16:30 hrs.

Day 5th: Catch train at 06:00 hrs, catch bus to Machu Picchu, at 06:40 hike to the view point, after 3 hours exit Machu Picchu, then take train at 15:20 hrs, and arrive back to Cusco city by, 18:30 hrs.


  • Private Transport to the trek starting point.
  • Fee for humantay lake.
  • complete meals during trek (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), free vegetarian option.
  • Trekking expert cook, and cook assistant.
  • Tents (cooking tents, sleeping tents, dinningtents), mattresses, toilet tents.
  • Horses to carry equipment, 01 emergency horse.
  • 1rst AID Kit, included emergency Oxygen bottle.
  • 01 hotel accommodation in aguas calientes town.
  • Round trip shuttle bus, aguas calientes machu picchu.
  • Machu Picchu fee.
  • English speaking professional tour guide.
  • Vista dome or similar train to Ollantaytambo.
  • Private transport from Ollantaytambo to cusco.


  • Sleeping bag (available to hire in our office).
  • Last day lunch.
  • Tipping for the crew (Customary).


Additional travel information

PLACES TO VISIT Humantay Lake, Machu Picchu.
TOUR DURATION 5 days 4 nights


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