5 Days Ancascocha Trek – Cusco New Trekking Program

Ancascocha Trek: Newly promoted hiking trail, this trekking took the name from a lake Named ANCASCOCHA “Ancas = Blue; Cocha, Qocha = LAKE), which is located above 4.000m above sea level, formed by the melting water of the Huayanay snow mountain “8500m”,  at 60 km on straight line from Cusco, in the Peruvian Andes.

The area has several hiking trails, which in inca times, used to connect towns like: Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Limatambo, Mollepata, and several holly mountains such as Huayanay, Muyuc 5500 m, Huayruro 5400 meters, Salkantay 6272 m, 20577 ft. Along this regions there is no villages, which gives to the region an intact, and isolation from contamination, pollution, and erosion.

The main attraction of this place is the ancascocha lake; located between pristine beautiful mountains, with peaks covered in perpetual snow, a quiet place, where on a clear night, you can see shinny stars at the sky; between constellations, clusters, and some shooting stars.

Regarding the flora and fauna of the trek, you can appreciate: Andean birds such as the Cara Cara, sparrows, thrush, hawks, as well as the possibility of seeing the majestic Andean condor; It is also home to dwarf deer from the Andes, Andean foxes, the puma and the spectacled eye that, if one is lucky, can appreciate them.

Where do we start hiking the ancascocha trek?

This new trekking program, since has several trail, is offered by only few local operators, where the hikers who were lucky doing it, has being amazed by the view of the mountains, most of the operator do it staring at: Parpiso or Socma, most of operators do the climb from Pomatales canyon, towards west; and the majority of this people will not reach ancascocha, even they will not approach.

Our program, begins at Soraypampa, yes, the same starting point of the famous Salkantay trek to machu picchu, the trail follow the same path only by 1.5 hours, then splits to east, but before doing it, as a gift and combo trek, we have included the Humantay Lake, then in the afternoon, walk to Salkantaypampa and camp at 4100 m.

The High Summit:

The second day, the trail leads up to the highest summit named “Inkachiricaska” 5100 m, 16,732ft (where the pressure of the Inca dropped down, because of the high altitude). Here is where you have an amazing view of Salkantay mountain, then follow a trail by deer’s path, reach a hill top named Chachani Ccasa (CHACHANI = Name of Volcano in Arequipa; CCASA = Pass, where you can camp at a magnificent point, enjoy the view of mountains and valleys.

The Following day, the trail is easier you will walk downhill towards south, then some uphill and camp at a site named Occoruro.

3 Summits in 1 Trek

Inka Chiriaska, is the highest summit, then on the 4th day you reach the 2nd summit, is it usually named Puma Ccasa, 4600m; 15,091ft; In reference to the Puma, a sacred animal in the Andean religion, from here; hikers can also appreciate the snow-capped mountain of Puma Sillu (nails of the puma), a mountain that can be seen from afar, and which is part of the vilcabamba region. The road continues and leads to Huayanay pass 4600m; 15,091ft.

The last night of the trek, you will spend at a high point, close to Huayanay Mountain, at camp that is quiet.

Where the Ancascocha trekking trail ends?

The last day, right after breakfast, you descend all the way up to the sacred valley, this will be up to 6 hours walk, the walk is quiet smooth, and you will reach a village named Camicancha right in the sacred valley.

At this point, after lunch, the driver will meet you and take you back to Cusco city; upon a previous agreement, the driver will take you to Ollantaytamo train station and continue the trip to Machu Picchu, Then ancascocha trek will last 6 days including Machu Picchu.

Ancascocha Trekking

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Tour Map

salkantay trek


1st Day: Depart Cusco at: 05:00 hours, reach trail start point at 8:30, arrive to Humantay lake by 11:00, have lunch at 14:00, walk the last section of the trail at 13:00 hours, and after two hours of walk arrive to the camp. On the next day depart by 07:30 hours, get lunch at noon, and end the hike at 16:30.

3th day: after breakfast, continue the trip at 07:30, after a nice trip with uphill and downhill walk, get the camp ground and spend the night.

4th day, once again start walking at 07:30 hrs, do the last summit at noon, then after luch, walk the last distance to camp, and end walking by 16:00 hrs.

Last day: nice downhill walk in the lower elevation, arrive to Camicancha vilage in the sacred valley, after lunch take transport back to cusco arriving by 17:00 hours.


  • Private Transport to trail head.
  • Fee for the trail.
  • All meals during trek (5 breakfast, 5 lunch, 4 dinners), vegetarian meals upon request for free.
  • Expert cook, and assistant.
  • Camp equipment (cooking tents, sleeping tents, dinning tents), mattresses, toilet tents.
  • Horses to pack the equipment, plus one emergency horse.
  • 1rst AID Kit, and emergency Oxygen.
  • Professional tour guide (fluent in english).
  • Return transport from Camicancha to Cusco.


  • Sleeping bags (you can rent in our office).
  • Customary tipping for the crew.


Additional travel information

HIGH LIGHTS Humantay Lake, Salkantay Mountain – Ancascocha lake.
TOUR DURATION 5 days 4 nights
TOUR SERVICE  Private Trip


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