Rainbow mountain tour – day trip to Vinicunca Peru

Rainbow mountain tour: Known as well as Vinicunca Mountain, is a precious colorful mount that is over 5.000 meter above sea level, in the amazing scenic views of the Andes of Cusco, Peru.

Peru has many wonderful natural formations that are being discovered every time, So, the Vinicunca mountain is recent that got incorporated in the tours, before 2010 none did mention the mountain, only one company did offer a hike that passed the mountain, but suddenly the 1st visitors mentioned that is was amazing, and it should be seeing by everyone who visits Cusco, and machu picchu.

The rainbow mountain or vinicunca, is the name that has this magnificent mountain, with several colors, where is located close by as well the red valley.

The red valley, is the given name to the mountain and valley that is at the continuation of the Vinicunca, at only 20 minutes’ walk, the amazing reddish color, is fantastic, and only about 5% of visitors to vinicunca, are having the great experience to see it. To get the red valley view, you should take a private tour.

This is only one of the advantages of taking our private tour vinicunca mountain, there is always a plus in a private service, and have extra adventure in one trip.

How to get the Rainbow Mountain?

The perfect place to get there is, by departing from Cusco.

Most of the group operators are leaving at 03:00 hrs., then leave towards east, after 3.5 hours of drive, then reach the rainbow mountain, right in the middle when there is everyone “too crowdie”.

Our company, thinking of you, has created an special rainbow mountain tour itinerary, which brings you there, and makes it possible to be up-front of the crowds, or after they have gone, so you will enjoy this magnificent view of Vinicunca and the red valley.

For making it possible, we depart Cusco at 03:00 hrs, then drive to Phulawasi pata (road end), then walk the average 1.7 hours distance, for people who is not use to walk on highland, we can hike horses from locals, and get to a closer point and walk only for 25 minutes. With this schedule you also can return cusco by 13:00 hrs, on time to catch your flight back to lima or home.

After visiting this magnificent mountain, you descend to a lower point, find a restaurant, and stop for lunch, after that drive back to cusco city, where our tour ends.

If you want to go in the late departure, reach the rainbow mountain behind the crowds, then take our 08:00 hrs, and return to cusco by 07:00 hrs.

We can also arrange the inca bridge tour, and the rainbow mountain both in one day. write us to get information for this tour.

Rainbow Mountain Tour

Rainbow Mountain Tour
Cusco Red Valley
vinicunca rainbow mountain
Vinicunca on Horseback
Rainbow Mountain Tour Cusco Red Valley vinicunca rainbow mountain Vinicunca on Horseback

Tour Map

salkantay trek


Reference itinerary for the 1st departure time.

Depart 03:00 hrs. Arrival to Phulawasipata at 06:30

At the summit at 08:30, 10 hrs at red valley view point.

At 12 hrs catch transport back, lunch at 13:00 hrs, then in cusco at 15:00.


  • Pick up at your hotel in the city.
  • English speaking professional tour guide.


  • Meals.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Fee for visited places


Additional travel information

PLACES TO VISIT Vinicunca, Red Valley


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