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4 hours Cusco City Walking Tour – Discover the best of Qosqo

Cusco city walking tour: With the correct spelling “CUSCO” in Spanish and “QOSQO” in the local language, the city is the Americas archaeological capital, the historical capital of Peru, declared human heritage city by the UNESCO on 1983, and it is the most beautiful city of Peru.

Doing the walking tour of Cusco city, you will have a nice experience of culture, see the beautiful streets, monuments, and markets; here is the description of covered places in the walking tour.


Located at the old center of the city, over 3.330 m, the biggest plaza that once used to be the biggest plaza of the Americas, is the point where you can see all kind of visitors from worldwide, named Hawkaypata in inca language “sacred site for rituals”, is just spectacular, and hosts important building from colonial times and some remains from Inca period, building such as: The company of Jesus church, the cathedral, and other buildings.


It was the Holly building, the center of energy and Inca religion, wall that were completely covered with gold, has being partially destroyed to build the Santo Domingo church, where you will see samples of the magnificent Inca architecture, at the rainbow temple, thunder temple, the moon and starts, and the main niche, also you will be able to see the nice canvas paintings from the XVII century and some ornaments that priest used for the rituals.


The san Pedro markets, is the perfect place to see the local activity, where you will find a mixture of modernity and the old school, this market was designed by Gustave Eifel on early 20th Century, here you can find several shops divided in specialties such as: Red meat, chicken, fish, local Jerky, handicrafts, textiles, fruits, juice section, chicken soup, vegetables, cereals, potatoes, and a large place for restaurant where you will see locals eating different dishes.


The old part of the city, has many beautiful plazas, such as the plaza de armas, plaza regocijos, plazoleta de san Cristobal, plazoleta de san Blass, plazoleta de santa ana, plazoleta de Santiago, plazoleta de almudena, plazoleta de been and others, each pretty and worth to go.

PLAZA REGOCIJOS & SAN FRANCISCO: are nice places, where can see magnificent buildings, at plazoleta regocijos there is located the museo regional, this was the home of the 1st Peruvian writer named Inca Garcilazo de la Vega born in 1549, and as well the City Hall, from here you can reach the at a block walking distance to the plaza de armas of cusco.

CALLE HATUNRUMIYOC: One of the best remains from old times, is was the palace of INCA ROCA, Inca palace, the wall are with finely carved stone walls, which remains intact despite the pass of time, from here you can continue to san Blas neighborhood, were you can see the nice plaza and the small art workshops.

After 4 hours, our Cusco city walking tour will end, by taking your back to your hotel.

Physical Level:
Highest Altitude:
Recommended Seasson:
Marcho to December
Tour Type:
Hiking Tour
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$ 200 USD


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Day 1 Full Day

The suggested itinerary is the morning time, the latest tour should start at 14:00hrs. Here is the referential itinerary:

08:00 begin the walk from hotel, 08:90 at san Blass neighborhood, 09:30 sun temple, 11:00 san Pedro market, at 12:00 city center, 13:00 end tour at hotel.



  • Pick up at your hotel in the city.
  • English speaking professional tour guide.

No Included

  • Meals.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Fee for visited places


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Why you’ll love this trip

  • With permits included in your trip, seek out the rare mountain gorilla on a trek through Uganda’s steamy forests and spend an unforgettable hour in their presence.
  • Get the chance to spot and get close to all of the Big Five and more in Masai Mara National Reserve, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Etosha National Park and Chobe National Park, among others.
  • Experience the two sides of Jinja – a riverside retreat at the source of the Nile, but also the adventure capital of Uganda.
  • Chill out on the northern beaches of Zanzibar enjoying white sand and sparkling blue sea of the Indian Ocean, and cross over to Africa’s Atlantic coastline for seafood spreads and dune bashing experiences.
  • Meet with village communities during your African adventure, including the colourful Maasai tribespeople, the hunter-gatherer traditions of the San communities, and local fisherman on Lake Malawi.

Is this trip right for you?

  • Tracking gorillas in the dense forest can sometimes be wet, muddy and uncomfortable. The terrain is by no means easy either, so it can be pretty strenuous and often humid. But the sheer thrill in coming across a habituated group of gorillas, dominated by a great male silverback, more than outweighs any difficulty. You need to be prepared and fit enough to walk up to 4 hours – up and down hill. A top tip is to pack some gardening gloves to assist in any uphill climbs. See for more information.
  • Camp in the Serengeti National Park itself without fences between you and the animals. Your leader will brief you on the safety measures the group will need to take for the two nights spent in the park.
  • At Usambara Mountains the group will do a an easy hike to the beautiful Irente viewpoint.
  • We use mokoros (small dugout canoes) to pass through the shallow waterways of the Okavango Delta to get to our campsite for the night.
  • We use our purpose-built overland vehicles for the duration of this trip. This multi-purpose truck allows for great game viewing with large sliding windows. This means the trucks do not have air-conditioning and conditions can get dusty and hot.
  • The overland vehicle is large enough to seat up to 22 passengers and carries all the camping equipment needed for the duration of this trip. Therefore the going can be slow over the long distances and often bumpy roads.
  • This is a participatory camping trip. You will be expected to set up and take down you own tent as well as assist with food preparation and cleaning. This makes it quicker, easier, more fun and will bring the group closer together.
  • There will be many early starts either to make use of the better safari time or to beat the morning traffic on long travel days.

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